i5-3570k with gtx 770 - enough wattage?

Hi everyone!  

I got a

> i5-3570k with a ASRock Z77 mobo.

> 16 GB of G.Skill sniper 1866

> a SSD and HDD 

> MSI GTX 770 2gb oc

and i did order this http://pcpartpicker....pply-p1550sxxb9 (XFX 550w 80+ bronze) for my PSU because it was recommended in the Build a PC videos and pcpartpicker said it'll be good. But i'm wondering if thats going to be enough wattage too power the rig safely.


I've seen on other forums some say its fine and others say its risky but depending on the psu because the GTX 770 says minimum of 600w.


Thanks for any help :)

my full build http://pcpartpicker.com/p/2csZ3

Yeah you're fine. The estimated wattage of your build without 770 is about 200.

200+300=500. So the estimated maximum wattage of your computer is 500, giving you a 10% margin for error.