i5 3570k Temp Range

So, I just upgaded my entire PC from an i7 920 to an i5 3750k. Before on the i7 I used the stock cooler. With the i5 I got the cooler master 212 Evo HSF. So I was checking the temperatures through Core Temp and I noticed something weird. On the i7 the temperature on each core were off about around 67 celcius give or take 2-3 celcius per core. However on the i5 they are off as much as 10c.

I'm getting the following results with the i5

Core0 56c

Core1 65c

Core2 62c

Core3 54c

It just seems odd to me that a full load they would be off by so much when on the i7 I only had 2-3 celcius difference. Should I try to resit the HSF or is this normal?

dude ur i5 uses less power than ur  old i7 so don't worry  ,,less power means less temps , just do some stress tests on ur i5 , if u don't get an error u will be just fine 

There are quite a few jumps with my 2500k, but at full load, the coolest and hottest cores are within 5c. I'd reseat the heatsink, making sure you are screwing each screw with roughly the same amount of torque.

I suppose at the end of the day, it's not that big of a deal considering its well withing spec, but 65 just seems warm to me, especially at stock operation with the Hyper 212.

3570k is known have 3-10c difference under full load. Even after deliding it still has the big gap in core temps. Check out some OC sites an see its pretty normal for the cores to have that big of a gap in temps. my biggest gap at 4.1ghz p95 load is 6c per real temp but hw monitor showed 11c difference. also keep in mind that IB tj max is higher then SB. IB tj max 105c SB tj max of 98c.


Well its winter an some ppl crank the heat up so his room temp could be high. also we dont know what he was running to get those temps IBT runs hotter then p95 v27.7. on stock cooler( yes I said stock cooler) p95 load after 6hrs never went over 78c @4.1ghz core voltage of 1.134v-1.144v. You can always go in an lower the volts a little with an offset. I am running a -0.065 offset