i5 3570k Overclocked 4.4Ghz, any good?

Hey guys,


First time overclocking so I didn't just jump in and do something I hadn't researched!

I did abit of work, looking at how to overclock using my motherboard, what to do etc, and I decicded to take the plung and go for it.


I just wanted to ask if this looks any good?

Any improvments which  could be made?

Anything you would change?

Should I increase/decrease the clock speed/voltage?


Please put your 2 cents in and give me your opinions


Temps were at load (after 2 hours of OCCT):

Core#0 Max: 67c

Core#1 Max: 67c

Core#2 Max: 68c

Core#3 Max: 67c

Package Max: 67c


Images and Spec below:


PC Spec:


CPU: i5 3570k

Mobo: Gigabyte Z77-D3H

CPU Cooler: Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO (one fan but with push/pull config in cooperation with back exsust fan)


RAM: 4GBx2 Corsair Vengence 1666 Mz

PSU: XFX 650w 80+ Bronze, Single Rail

Case: Antec 302 Midi Case


Screen shots:







Here are the temps and stuff for Screen Shot goodness:





Do hope you can suggest anything good!




I think those temps are fine, you might be able to go a little higher (4.5-4.6).  I've my i5 4670K @4.6 and it gets to around 75C using aida64.

Awesome! Are all the options good on the BIOS?

I don´t have the same mobo(bios), to me the settings look fine. If you decide to oc higher you'll probably need to up the voltages a bit when it becomes unstable. Just go slow and watch your temps, 70-80C seems to be the sweetspot.

Well, we can't exactly help you with the actual overclock, since every CPU is different. But your voltages look totally fine and there seems to be quite a bit of potential left in your CPU. Just make sure that everything is stable, your temperatures are fine and you don't push it too far. For daily use (and on an air cooler) I definitely wouldn't go further than 1.250V on the core, and temps should be <75°C.

We got the 3570k from a friend running at 4,44Ghz / 74C° with an Noctua NH-D14.  I can't remember the voltage anymore but your overclock looks good.

Not going to run XMP or overclock the RAM?. Looks like you are sitting at default JEDEC timings and using the onboard video. If you are happy with your current CPU overclock you can try the xmp settings, bench it, and maybe see how high that RAM can go before subtimings get too sloppy.