i5 3570K + H80i or i5 4670k

I want to know is it worth spending the extra money for the haswell or ivy is going to do fine also. I could also buy a h80i if I go ivy so please guys need some help!

My 2500k is still kicking, and there isn't a game that I play that can fully load it, granted I have a massive GPU bottleneck (GTX 650). I'd say get Ivy and OC it. For PC enthusiasts and gamers, Haswell is a disappointing release.

Dont chοοse by cpu but by platform-motheboard, you mey need the new tech with Z87. Z87 have 2 more SATA 3, more USB 3, BIOS boot button and more. The 4670k dont have mach different from 3570k. I have a 3570k with True Spirit 140 at 4,3GHz and is very good, you can use coolermaster hyper 212 for 4670k at 4GHz probaply or more. Check through motherboard for what you need.

What GPU do you have?

I am planning to get a gtx 660 with it.

4670k with mobo is $40 more than 3570k with mobo.
The GTX 660 is a bit slow for 4670k or 3570k, as i say if dont need the extra stuff that Z87, get 660 Ti or 7870. Go for better GPU instead of better CPU or CPU with better cooling for OC. You can buy the cooler after. The optimal is 4670k with 660 Ti or 7870 without the h80i.

Let me know what you think and a bit more about the use of the PC and the money you have for that.

I can't go any further in the gpu section as the cpu,mobo and all the other components are already out of my budget so I had planned that I would get a gtx 660 and after like 7 or 8 months after I would upgrade to 700 series nvidia card if it comes out (probably the 760 ti). I will usualy use this rig for moderate gaming but mostly for video editing and productivity. 

if you are water cooling get a 4670k, same price(usually, but not this week) and slightly faster performance.. it has bad review because people had higher expectations... it is still better than the 3570k either way.. you may not squeeze an extra 200mhz out of it like you would a 3570k. right now you can buy it cheaper with a mobo+cpu combo as a 4670k than a 3570k on newegg.. i just bought a mobo+cpu for 319$ as a 4670k+z87-gd45 combo and saved $80 bucks.


i dont expect it to destroy my 3770k but i'd opt for it over a 3570k.

In my country newegg is not available so I need to buy both the cpu and the mobo and there aren't many z87 mobo's out here so I guess I'll wait until any gud mobo's come out. Any suggestions for a cheap yet gud quality motherboard?