I5-3570k and 7770 can it run DayZ 1080p?

I have an i3-3220 and a 7770 from a build several months back, upgrading to an i5-3570k, can it run DayZ 1080p in cities like Elektro with 30+ FPS? i've played it VERY MUCH and now i have decided to take action. i get like 20 FPS with the I3-3220 and I am aware that DayZ is VERY CPU intensive.

That's not much of an upgrade. From a qvasi quad core to a normal older quad core...

Save up for something better next year or get an FX 8350 now.

Well it's still an upgrade. but ofcourse the 8350 has more bang for buck indeed.

Unless you are trying to save the planet. Then don't pick the 8350. You'll be responsible for the greenhouse-effect.

You can always spend your money more wisely on solar cells and windmills. But then again, convenience is what people buy so ... And fx 8350 isn't worse than an older gen quad core so it's actually pretty darn good for an octocore

hear, hear!

The problem with DayZ is all the AI is done server side.  So when you get 20-30 people on a server spread out over different locations, you have a mass of zombies spawning at any one time.

This is where the performance issues really come into DayZ.

I have a 3770k and a GTX 670 FTW and I get massive dips into the low 20's on a busy server.

But as for the 7770 that's pretty low on the ladder so expect to be dropping the draw distance and overall quality to be able to play it.

Go with the 8350 and get a 650ti boost with 2gb Vram.

Well I'm on LGA 1155 since i already have the I3, i can't get the 8350 without changing my mobo.

Well fair enough then.  3570k will do just fine.  I know a few who play DayZ with that.

Crucially, what 1155 mobo do you happen to have? It's not worth getting the 3570k if you're on anything other than Z77. There are other processor options which will run DayZ and save you some money.

I'd be a little more concerned with the GPU. 7770 would probably play it, but it's going to be a really diminished experience.

Pretty much.  Without being able to render long draw distances it would probably not be worth playing DayZ.

You would have to have a really good set of ears lol.

Instead of spending money on a cpu which will probably not help your frame rate or overall quality any, get a better gpu. Something like a 660 would be a pretty big step up.

Yeah lol, and running sound through a PA system turned up like a Metallica concert.

Got a name by any chance?  Or shall we dub you "Generic"?