I5 3450 for gaming machine

So look, I have had a machine now for a while, and I have been slowly upgrading it! but now I want a new CPU and I find that the ones that I want are too much, and I want something that will last me at least 2-3 years. I have been on ebay, and I looked for an old xeon (inspired by one of wendall's videos) and then I stumbled upon this CPU. My question is, will it be a good purchase for my gaming rig?

My current specs are in my profile if you want to look at them.

it's decent, may not be a massive amount faster (as it's a 3.1 ghz cpu) but should be a fair upgrade depends on the price.

That is true. I also think you can overclock these ivy bridge CPUs right? So that could be a thing. On the flip side, I was thinking about getting an athlon 880k since I already have the right socket for it.

the i5 will be better than the athlon, but the athlon can overclock so theres that. The i5 (being a non-K) won't do much overclocking at all.



(yes, passmark isn't that amazing of a bench but it's really good thing for comparing processors vs one another)

Could always wait for Zen. I personally have been using a processor very similar to that one for the past few years and it has been pretty great overall. Most games I run into are largely gpu bound though (mostly because I have a 4k monitor), so I might not be the best person to listen to about that though.

I know it's probably good to wait, but I'm awfully excited for an upgrade, and mobo and CPU cost right now is at 114 bucks shipped. Zen wont be in my range I dont think

That is a good price for what you would be getting, assuming it all works properly. Definitely a good choice in your situation.

Yeah, that's true. I was reading about how far you can push them, and somebody got theirs to 3.9 with the regular version. I probably wont be able to get it there, but maybe I could push it even a little further and I would be happy.

Yes, exactly my thoughts! Because from what I have seen, that CPU is definitely not bad. I know that there is really no upgrade path, other than any other better LGA 1155 CPU, but I think I am totally fine with that. I'm the kind of guy who likes to tinker and stuff, so it's fun to do this kind of stuff! Especially with the price haha.

Yeah, with that chipset, I wouldn't really bother upgrading the cpu. After that processor isn't enough, you ought to just go to a newer platform. It should last you a while and by then a new platform shouldn't be too expensive. So yeah, good price, good processor, good move. And at the end, after you upgrade again a few years later, you have a secondary system, more hardware. That is always fun.

Sandy and Ivy bridge CPUs can go 4 steps beyond max turbo, so in the 3450's case the multiplier can go all the way to x39.
Sadly BCLK can't be altered too much (I've seen people able to get a little more by very slightly increasing the BCLK, but the difference is no more than 20-30 MHz usually.

So yeah, 3.9GHz is certainly possible.
The CPU won't need extra voltage, so thermals shouldn't be affected much.

Yeah, that's where I was thinking with it all. I am not at all worried with the future! I am just happy that for now and the next couple years I will have a pretty good rig for myself. And yeah, after I upgrade I can use this other stuff and have another computer and whatnot.

i mean
35 to 39 is OK
but a lot of has well and the later CPUs are stock clocked at that kind of speed so meh?

Either way, in my case with what I will use it for, it should perform just great, haha.

My gaming rig has an i5-2500k from like 2011. I haven't overclocked it or anything. I do believe that it's currently the bottleneck in my rig (paired with an R9 390 8GB GPU), but everything that's come out in the last year I've been able to play on medium-high to high setting with really solid frame-rates.

Should be a fine cpu for gaming, Ivy bridge is still a perfectly acceptable chip as far as gaming is concerned and probably will remain so for a couple years yet (thanks in no small part to Intel's stagnated performance in subsequent chip generations).

Yeah, I was thinking I'd be fine for sure. I don't really do much but game, so I don't need a whole lot of other kinds of performance!