I5 2500k or I5 3570k?

Still havent bought the cpu yet. Which should I go with?

Remeber 3570k Supports Pcie 3.0 but gets hotter

2500K doesn´t support PCIe 3.0 you say? Bummer. I was about to buy one for my Intel system. Glad I´ve read this. Any other differences between those two?

Well ive herd the 3570k gets much hotter even though it uses less wattage.

another difference isi5 2500k has intel hd 3000 graphics

i5 3570k had hd 4000 graphics

People have gotten higher overclocks with the 2500k than the 3570k

But remember you also have to get a motherboard that is pcie 3.0 compatiable

Im getting the asus p8z77-v pro. This board allows you to use a program called Vrm. And what that does it basically recuces taring on games and increases proformance using your processor intergrated graphics with a nvidia graphics card.Its like sli but with your processor lol.

Keep in mind the IB was a die shrink, that means just a lot smaller but a little more efficeint. The speed itself doesn't matter because core for core, the IB performs about 3-10% better. So 4.5ghz on SB with a 5% increase would be equivilant of a 4.725ghz processor for IB. So you can't just go off of that.

If you were just looking to upgrade FROM an i5 you wouldn't really have the need. Since you're buying new all together, there is no point in getting the 2500k unless it was ridiculously cheaper. Just get the 3570k you're going to get similar/better performance at lower wattages.

I think the program you are talking about is lucid logix virtue mvp because the VRM on an asus mobo is Digi + VRM and it is a voltage regulator management for OC'ing. 

Sorry you are correct. It is lucid logix virtue mvp. My bad i was typing fast and i didnt think about it. lol
But i am going for the 3570k thanks guys.
Do any of you have any spare ram or hdds?

theres also some benfits that come with ivybridge with features.  can't think of their names off the top my head

I got the 3570k in my system i find it oc's very well and i get rather good temps managed 4.6Ghz @ 1.3v yesterday which is good max temp i reached was 70 degrees

Well, I don´t intend to OC anything in my system anyways. Besides, if I managed to get along very well with an AMD system then an Intel system should serve me a lot better. I don´t play on Full HD either. just a regular 1280x1024 screen. My backup is one with 1366x768. Nothing fancy, really.

The reason for this is mostly because of the high prices. I can´t afford monster-hardware anyways so why buy a Full HD monitor? Games won´t run well on such high resolutions with my HD 7770.


BACK ON TOPIC. I can´t really give you a good recommendation on the Intel side because so far I´ve been using AMD only. If I had to choose between those two CPUs I´d go for the 3570k. The price would probably be an issue, at least for me.

Well I'm not going to read all the posts, but here's my 2 cents.

The 2500K will generally be able to overclock higher than a 3570K (that's not guaranteed though). 4.5Ghz on the 3570K is about equivalent to 4.7Ghz on the 2500K. The threshold for the 3570K tends to be around 4.5 or 4.6Ghz, but I have heard of some people getting lucky and getting it to 5Ghz without having to go for a custom water cooling loop. The 2500K should be able to get between 4.8Ghz and 5.2Ghz fairly easily.

That being said, the 2500K will most likely be able to give you more raw power as long as you overclock it. It also runs about 10 degrees cooler when both CPUs are overclocked. The 3570K, on the other hand, will give you access to a few extra features like Intel HD 4000 graphics and PCI-E 3.0. Right now PCI-E 3.0 isn't really necessary, but it is always nice to be future proof.

If you want raw power then go with the 2500K and overclock the piss out of it. If you want more longetivity then go for the 3570K.

Also, just keep in mind that every CPU overclocks differently. Some 2500K's might get to 5.2Ghz, but others will only be able to get around 4.6Ghz. It depends on the quality of the chip and your cooling system. Welcome to the silicon lottery.