i5 2300 is too expensive!

the i5 2300 i waaay too expensive, especially when i can get a 3570k for a few bucks more. so ive been thinkning about alternatives maybe getting an amd processor, seggestions

i also wanted to add that if anyone would know of a place i could get the 2300 for around $150 or less

The Fx 8350

does it need to be sandy bridge?

no im just looking for a good quality cpu to upgrade from my q6600, im going to upgrade my motherboard and ram also

if you're looking for $150 i'd get a 8320

what if i was looking for $100?

Something like an FX 4300?

well since you're going to be upgraded all three at the same time give me the total budget for all three and I'll tell you the best you can get for that price range

What Mobo do you have currently? but you will need a whole new board pending on what you have

im guessing mobo means build?

intel q6600, (i bought a used computer because its what i could afford so i havent really gotten a look at the motherboard but seeing as how it cant support ddr3 or any other socket than the 775 its an obvious must upgrade/ (or can it???)

a gtx 560 ti

ddr2 800mhz silverline mushkin ram

630watt raidmax power supply

thats all i know

after i posted this question i decided to do some snooping around on newegg.com and found what seems like a decent deal,

amd fx 6300 $120

g skill sniper (2x4gb)  1600 ddr3 $65

and the motherboard im unsure of since i am not the most computer savvy, so i just picked a cheap one

asrock n68c fx am3+ nvidia geforce 7025 / nforce 630a micro atx amd motherboard


why does it say nvidia?

total $230

No, by Mobo he means motherboard

took me awhile... sorry i'm kind of new to pc's