i3 or FX 6100?

What will I be happier with? I am not too sure because there aren't many videos of the i3 on youtube showing its performance.


I will be rendering videos quite a lot, playing games quite a lot, multitasking quite a lot and doing homework (you gotta do it someday..)


Which one would I be more happy with? I would like to render videos fast, can an i3 do that?

I would have to say the 6100 all the way. It's a decent cpu for the money, way better than really any i3. Rendering will be a little faster than an i3. What i3 were you looking at?

If you can, spend an extra $20 for the FX 6300, but if not then do the 6100

dont buy ether of those chips -----amd phenom ii x4 965---save £££ spend more on your gpu 

as you will see the phenom crushes the i3 and keeps up with a 6300 




the phenom chips are cool for the price and with a am3+ socket mobo you have room to upgrade in the future.

they may be cool in performance but they are damn right hot when using them. I know they are good but to find a reliable retailer in the UK for them is hard.