i3 making all "other" classes go to a workspace

So I made i3 make firefox open on a "browsing" workspace and terminal open on "terminal" workspace

Now I would like to make everything else open on an "other" workspace, and google is not being useful


try assign [class="*"] 3 replace 3 with the number of the workspace. It might not work tho.

I feel like that might override my other assigns but I will try <3

Yeah that's what I fear, try putting it as the last element.

It hasnt seem to change anything. Firefox still opens on browsing, terminator on terminal and everything else on which ever workspace I launch it from

Then it might not be possible. You can play with regex and see if you can do it, but I have no idea how much i3 supports regular expressions.

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Ill mess around with it and if I come up with anything Ill let you know <3

So after refreshing my memory about regular expressions, I came up with this:


this matches everything except app1, app2 and app3, you can increase the list by adding more pipes (|) like so ^(?!app1|app2|app3|app4).*$. Give it a spin.

EDIT: for example assign [class="google-chrome" title="^(?!test).*$"] 9 assigns all Chrome windows to workspace 9 unless the title starts with test.

This worked! <3 you are so amazingly helpful, like seriously D:

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Awww :3 Thanks!
whispers: I don't use i3. It's the power of knowing regex


I know regex too, I just hadnt gotten around to writing it down before you replied again!

You just too quick!

I always ruin the fun, do I? :D

Not in every aspect, if you know what I mean. ;)
runs away

Oh my... ;-;

hides in shame

Well...I guess as long as you can please a girl in other means?

Like teaching her magical linux magic :v

You dont have to be ashamed


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I'm going to stop here with the jokes :D

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