i3 + GTX 660

I just have a quick question I was thinking of building a media center/light gaming pc and in by build was thinking of pairing an i3 with a GTX 660 and was wondering if the i3 would be bottlenecking the 660?

i think the i3 would be a bottleneck in this case.

and if you're only doing light-gaming and using it as a media center you can always tune it down to a 650 to save some dough

There will be no bottleneck.


The issue you may find is certain games when they cannot deal with hyperthreading as efficiently as others... Battlefield games take use of i3's HT, so you may be fine if you plan to play those games, but others like GTA IV will just spit it out at you..

similarish question i have a 965 be and 7870 would that bottle neck my gpu? should i upgrade to an 8350 or jsut wait a while?

Some people will think i am wrong with this, but i am fully correct....


I have a AM3 Dragon build, and once was paired with a GTX 480...

Certain games like Bad Company 2, and Black Ops, had large dips in FPS, with Black Ops, i was dipping into the 30ish FPs range making some maps really bad to play, this never changed based on graphical settings, and my CPU was at 4.0GHZ on an MSI 790FX-GD70 with a Corsair TX650...


When i went to my i5 2500K, there is not a single dip below 90fps....


Now, this is not the case with all games, but certain games will be bottlenecked by the Phenom II and i3 CPU, it is more of a case that the game just cannot use resources properly :)

I'm pretty much set on the i3 so I'm trying to figure out whats the highest power video card I can pair with it to get the best performance possible. Cost isnt really a factor but obviously I dont wanna spend $400 on a 670 and have 80% of its power doing nothing.

You should go no higher than a Radeon 7870 for both builds, Phenom II/ i3 in my honest opinion, and these GPU's offer more than enough at 1080p.

There is a small bottleneck. The 650ti/7850 is a good match for the i3 but the 660 is just fine.

so with the 660 being the nvidia equivalent of the 7870 my original build is pretty much perfect balance.

You are pretty much at the top of the i3's GPU pushing capability..

thanks for the input guys for anyone that wants to build a similar rig looks like this is the ultimate answer.


the 650ti or 7850 would be a good balance and the most cost effective rig


for my purpose the 660 or 7870 will be able to bring the best performance with maybe a slight gpu bottleneck in games that dont take advantage of hyper threading