I3-9100f vs r3 1200 and futureproof

Im going to college in about a year and I am starting to finish my pc(purchased a rx 570 and 650 watt psu).
So far the pricing is similar between an i3 config and a ryzen 3.
I will go itx and either carry the pc in my backpack or in a bag(might go matx for this).
I will use the pc for programming and whatever will be required by school as well as gaming.
I need to mention that i will overclock the ryzen cpu to reach a sweet spot for thermals/performance.
ryzen build: b450m pro 4(-f)/ryzen 3 1200/Thermalright ARO-M14G/2x8gb of whatever ram that has heatspreder/raijintek styx.
intel build: cheapest itx mb/i3-9100f/maybe a cooler one day/2x8 gb of whatever ram that has heatspreder/sg13
My question is which one should i go for? I dont know if there are still problems with am4 platform but i’d really like to go team red because I will upgrade the cpu one day and third gen ryzen got a cheaper offer than the 1151 socket got. I know the i3 perform quite better but i’ll push the ryzen 3 to 4ghz and gonna toy with the memory as well.

Intel and futureproof are not words that go well together. Also if you’re going for a first generation AM4 chip I’m pretty sure you could find a 1600 used for a bargain. Not to mention that you could always put in a 3600 in that board without any issues in the future.
I think you’re better off buying AMD at this point in time.

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Yeah but the ryzen 3 1200 is already a bargain at 58$. the 1600 is 92$.
I’ll go for the 1200 because I anyway want to upgrade in like 2-3 years to 3rd/4th gen so I wont really benefit from the extra performance atm.

I don’t think there’ll be a 4th gen ryzen backwards compatible, maybe it stops on this 3rd gen.

Better watch for the cpu performance tests… the 1600 would be 3 times the core count… I think it would be far better for multithreading…

Fair enough, I didn’t know the budget you were aiming for.
Also be careful to not mix up the socket compatibility with the chipset compatibility. AMD will keep the AM4 socket for 5 years, but not all the chipset will necessarely be backward compatible with new CPUs. For example X370 and B350 motherboards are not compatible with 3rd gen CPUs. So, if the path stays the same, B450 will not be compatible with new CPUs beyond 3rd gen Ryzen.

Yeah, took everything in consideration, I am even paying an extra 10-15$ to get a b450 instead of b350 in the hope that 4th gen will be compatible with it.
Also, from what i know multithreading doesn’t affect the performance too much when programming (i think only 1 thread is used, correct me if i’m wrong).

Partially yes. Depending on the language/runtime you can multithread… but you’ll learn all that.

The thing is: there will be a time you’ll have 100 different things happening at the sime time, and then there’s still windows bs, the antivirus, update, and then you system might use some help from the extra cores.

I’m using some ancient hardware to learn to code, don’t feel heldback, but flexibility is good to have. Say you need to fire up a couple vm’s to test if your application runs on some flavors of linux (say servers for instance), then you’ll have some trouble.

But anyway, going with the 1200 with b450 you might get a 2600 if you ever need. You’ll be fine.

EDIT: I’d love to say “BTW I use arch…” but I don’t… but I’ll say: BTW I’m a gnu/linux user.