so i got an email from neweg with some pc components on sale for 48hrs and one of them was the I3-3220 for $109.99... i was wondering should i get it and make an intel gaming build or should i just get the fx6300 for an amd build. i figured since i have a $500 budget that i could make an intel build with the I3 cheap like that but i do not know which is the overall better way to go and why?

FX 6300 is way to go.But if you are buliding a $500 pc i recommend you to take AMD Phenom X4 965 BE

Im using this cpu and i cant be happier! Here is the bulid http://pcpartpicker.com/p/11UUs

can the phenom handle today's games really well with a good vid card?what kind of settings? better than console graphics? and also how long do you think it will be able to do so?  thanks in advance

Swap that PSU out with one of these and you should be golden


Yes it can here is the video i found with this cpu http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HZsdRcdu_iI Better than console for sure.You can always overclock the cpu and buy a R7970 and there shouldn't be any bottleneck

I Can run battlefield 3 on 1920x1080 on high with 40+ fps with my HD 7750 OC but i always play on 1440x900 with med-high with 60+ fps (You asking your self why i play on 1440x900? Thats cuz its my monitors default resoulution!)

wow that's great.i think the console graphics are decent for me andit's great to know that even with an older processor i can do better for at least another year or 2?? also i would be fine to get the phenom and be able to play all the modern games for quite some time til like the 8350 comes down to low $100+ range?

Sure it can last you!! Some games dont even use all 4 cores so yeah have fun!

great thanks alot!