I3-3220 For Recording and Streaming?

I'm on a tight budget, and i built my computer a couple months ago, and i want to get an i3-3220 for streaming/recording. will i be able to record/stream without MUCH frame drop?

Unless you're playing a game that's optimized for single or dual-core. Otherwise, an FX-6000 series would be your best bet for streaming on a tight budget, specifically from the Vishera family.

Tight budget, go AMD, if you are going to record, you need a massive drive, that is, if you choose to do compressed video format instead of raw.  

well i'm already on LGA 1155 and my budget before made me go for a pentium g860 and a 7770 (jackfrags steam box) and now i was able to squeeze out a bit more money. I wish i had gone with an AMD socket motherboard like FM or AM sockets but, what do you think? streaming/recording games like Starcraft 2, LoL, and maybe a bit of BF3 and AC3. Help me out?

I had an i3-2120, before I upgraded to an i7-2600. I think that the i3 should be enough to record and stream some games. I was able to record Minecraft and some other games, unfortunately, I upgraded, before I could test out the processor on some "heavy" duty games. Still I think that you could probably record with it.

my fx4100 which is 'baddest' quad core on amd streams LoL, Farcry3, and other games in [email protected] fps with no issues. I use OBS and my LoL fps is 80-120 when I stream at 1080p max out. I didn't measure FC3 but it was smooth. So I think i3 can stream LoL with no issues.

thank you skljom, very reassuring.

Judging by the fact that my i7 3770k can stream Lol at 1080p 60 fps and maintain 60 fps, an i3 3200 can stream it at 720p easily maybe not 60 fps but it can stream it none the less. Good luck with streaming dude (You should follow me www.twitch.tv/michlantecuh ) I'll make sure to follow you too :P