I wrote a tek syndicate app!

Dearest logan,Because im 14 and have nothing to do with my life I have wrote a TekSyndicate app for you to put into the chrome app store! Really it took 2 minutes and only re-directs you to the site like the youtube one does but GOD DAMN IT I love you Pistol, Qain, and Wendell so much that I need a burning earth icon to be seen every time I make a new tab. Plus It will ake it possible for people to donate through google accounts! Everything you need is included in the rar below.


i wonder if he will ever read this


So I took a look at the code, it seems like you have created a shortcut to the Tek Syndicate website from the main screen of Android using JavaScript (which I have not studied much of myself, planning on getting into it).  In all honesty, I would consider it more of a script than a full-blown app.

I want that burning glope in Opera too! :P

Great work anyways!!

I laughed when I saw "how to make a Ch" in your tabs.

Goooood. We shall look at this and let you know what we think soon. 

actually i was looking at this minecraft tut        




I will try to make one for opera too :p

I was lookling at operas code examples... looks like its going to be a couple weeks


never mind dumbfuck mr didnt realized opera switched from presto to chromium...