I would just like to say

I got my DAS Ultimate S keyboard and Zowie AM mouse in the mail today...........


The mouse glides like nothing no my hard mouse pad I've had for about 4 years and it grips so comfortably, the clicks feel amazing too, and omg the keyboard makes me feel so pro typing without the letters being there, and I compared it to my logitech rubberdome keyboard...It's sooo much easierr for speed typing and just overall typing, looks beautiful, and I am now in love with mechanical keyboards. 

Just had to say that.

Did you end up getting the blue switches or the browns?

Browns. I thought blue's would be really odd to me since I've only ever used rubberdomes and tic tac keyboards and figured they'd be too weird to press, but really these browns are so easy to press I may have wanted to go with blue.

Regardless, I'm super happy with it. I've caught a couple of the keys twice a few times but I'm sure I'll get used to it.

Yeah, I have a Deck Legend that uses clear switches, which are pretty much the same things as browns, but they need a little bit more actuation force. I've tried out blues before on the Razer Blackwidow, and I didn't like them. They feel really cheap and take very little force to activate.

If you think the Browns are really easy to press, then you probably made the right decision, because the blues take less force to activate. I know a lot of people like blues, but they just feel really cheap to me. It might also be because I've just gotten used to clear switches which probably have the most resistance out of any other switch.

I do really want to try out some green switches though, because they're supposed to be like blues except they take more force to activate. I guess Cooler Master is going to be coming out with some green switch keyboards pretty soon.

If you want to know what the blues feel like, I would suggest going to an electronic store to see if they have a Razer Blackwidow, because the packaging allows you to test out the arrow keys. I personally like Browns and Clears more than blues though. The blues just don't give me enough tactile feedback, imo.

There's alot of factors, it could've even just been that the Razer keyboards seem to lack the quality of alot of other mechanical keyboards. I also was considering getting the Ducky keyboard without the numpad that has alps green switches. But had a 200$ debit card to blow so I went all out. I think the browns were probably the best choice. I studied some places and browns seemed to be a bit of everything, kind of the basic switch I suppose. It just seemed like the perfect median for all purpose use. I'm mind blown by how much nicer it was pressing these keys than the logitech rubberdome I thought felt awesome 3 days ago. I'm also mindblown by how this mouse glides on my hard mousepad comparing to my 5 year old logitech mouse.

Yeah, mechanical keyboards definitely feel a lot better than rubber dome keyboards.

As far as the Razer keyboard goes, the switches are still cherry mx blue. The key caps and the keyboard enclosure could possibly lack quality, but the switches are going to be the same on any keyboard that uses them. I just prefer a little more resistance in my switches, which is surprising to me because there were some rubber dome keyboards that I thought were way too stiff, but mechanical switches make everything much more comfortable.

It did take me a little while to get used to the added pressure that the MX Clears needed in order to activate, but now that I'm used to it everything else just feels cheap and strange to me.

I'm going to have such a hard time using anything but mechanical I know it, I'm so in love with the way this thing types! I saw something about the cherry blues pushing down further, and I kinda like hitting the bottom. I've actually heard next to nothing about MX clears besides that they're a bit harder to get your hands on nowadays. All in all, I <3 cherry browns and just mechanical keyboards in general.

Yeah, from my own research, it looks like the clears are almost identical to the browns. They just take slightly more force to activate. And yeah, I always feel weird using rubber domes now, which is a little annoying because I have to use them all the time at work.