I will be working on Skywind

Hey guys! I will be working on the so called "screenplay" of Morrowind. Like lines, how the tone of voice sounds, and other things like that. If you guys have any suggestions post them here. In the game, I noticed that the voices sounded :robotic." So, I have gotten that request a lot.

Try and instill emotion into every conversation, make it sound like what the person cares about like what they are saying, skyrim was like talking to robots, I know its a tall order on voice actors and every situation cant be covered but having emotion in the vocals(like vaas in far cry 3) really sets the tone and the character's personality.

Emotion and tonal inflection is very key to not only a believable character but also to the immersion of the game. So you're already on the right track in fixing the "robotic" sounding voices.

There is an example I'm thinking of. Actually two one from Dragon Age: Warden's Fall and the second from Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2.

In Dragon Age:Warden's Fall (look it up on youtube)  there is a interrogation scene that had really impressive acting. The guy really instilled a feeling of intimidation.

The second is Marie, when she's calling out for Gabriel/Dracula when Carmilla is breaking the iron bars to get to her. Her voice actress really portrayed a sense of peril and desperation. Look up the boss battle.

Hope this helps : )

In other forums, almost everyone said "add emotion." They said it felt like they were just reading off of cue cards. So that was a good suggestion Jammy. And to Nerodnate, great examples of your point. Will relay these videos to the voice actors, directors, producers, etc.

Awesome! Le us know how it goes :)