I went to America and I met this beauty

When I was in the USA recently I went with some relatives to a small local restaurant and got served ones of these (not the actual one but pretty close)

If the American government wasn't so evil I might consider moving just for this.


looks amazing! yes sadly our government does make it shit to live here but the food <3


America and their food cracks me up. Also I find it mad that they always seem to be sipping away on cold drinks whilst driving. When I went there I could hardly believe that my American Uncle would just tuck into a taco bell meal and drive at the same time.

Eating and driving is part of are culture haha

eating and driving is a serious thing here. we Americans dont really have much free time due to the amount of work we have to do just to barely make a living. gotta get your food in when ever you can lol

Should have come to Texas and seen some of the stuff that is served here. Some shit, some of it is totally badass


Where was this, if you don't mind my asking, I need it in my belly.

lol that's just a grilled cheese sandwich with a hamburger patty.



Man if I wasn't vegetarian I would have come back from America a lot heavier, they have some awesome food there. Root Beer! Cannolis! Brooklyn Diner Pancakes! Fuck yes! I wanna go back there some day.

I know this is a three month old post. And I know we shouldnt necro it. 

I also know that its a simple creation.

But damn, I want one.


'nuff said. 

yo Beez I sent you a FR on steam, accept it...

Last thing on my mind would be eating meat in America.

I know what you mean because I'm one of them weirdo organic people. I try not to eat animals that were fed genetically modified organisms.

Have you seen how fat our nation is? WE PACK THAT MEAT WITH NUTRITION!

And dangerous chemicals.


We Americans are fat, 62% percent of us are overweight or obese.


Think that's bad?

Try looking at all the clueless/directionless idiots on PHONES!

I think I am going to slip into a food coma and get diabetes just from looking at it.

I'm sorry. I'm sure you're a nice guy but I only have people I actually know and talk to on my friends list. Essentially it is an actual 'friends' list, not just a list of names of people. Thanks for your interest though. 

That looks disgusting over cooked beef and plastic melted cheese :shudder: