I was wrong. So wrong about Quake Champions


I honestly was thinking it will be an overcrotch clone with Quake skin all over it.
I couldn't be more wrong.
This looks and feels like Quake. It really does. I was really surprised.
While i was never a Doom kid, I was Quake kid... A lot. And that really makes me happy.

I was thinking they are going to F it up.
I couldn't be more wrong.
I just wanted to say I was wrong.


the gameplay is so fast I cant even tell whats happening. it's like running a dos game while not in turbo mode


Yeah, it's definitely fast. I jumped in and thought "Wow, this is fast just like Quake 3." However, after jumping into a vanilla Q3 match I realized Champions is actually faster from first strafe compared to Quake 3. It seemed that way at least.



Do you want a beta code? There is a thread I can link to you that has plenty of beta codes to try out. You can wait until the game releases. It will be free to play but you can buy it outright for $50 if you want everything.

This game hammers my system pretty hard. Almost immediately get prompted by Windows that I'm out of memory. Occasional crashing. Looking forward to the release though. Hopefully they get that ironed out.


No need for beta code...

I'll lower down the graphical goodies anyway. Q3 was just blocky platforms and I still like it, not to mention the most fun I had in a multi-player shooter is Half Life 1 Crossfire...

I'll dive im when it's finally out, but unless there's a well supported modifier that does away with the gimmicky abilities I can't see it holding me in for long.

OK Bethesda are fucking it up.
Why should I be forced to play through the Bethesda client and make an account on Bethesda website to play an F2P game? It's the same shit with Fallout Shelter all over again. .

If a game is free you're the product.


As Yahtzee himself said, I hate uplay for making me leave the steam comfort zone enough...
I didn't register for fallout shelter, I won't for quake either. Bethesda didn't learn their lesson with Fallout Shelter. If it is not on steam most people will not bother.
Are they trying to open their own storefront for all their games, of which all are available on other stores as well?

Oh, the frame rates are fine with graphics up. It's just some other quirk. I've got an good system for this I would think:
i5-4670K, GTX770 4GB, 16GB DDR3 (2400), running off of two Samsung 840Pro SSD's in Raid 0.

I hate that I never got a chance to take advantage of the beta when it was available. Another one bites the dust I guess