I was wondering if

Hey guys 

i was wondering if you can rotate your cpu heatsink, so that instead of blowing from right to left it would blow from bottom to top. i thought of this because my case (Antec three hundred two) have a 140 mm fan at the top, right above the cpu.

Please discuss



In theory there is no problem with this. In practice, it wasnt designed to do so, so it could get complicated to remount it. Also you will have ram compatibility issues for sure.

okay. But if i could get it mounted this way, do you then think that there will be any improvements regarding the temperatures?

Im pretty sure the coolermaster 212 can do this on socket 1155 because the 1155 is just square so there is no real up and down or side to side and you should have pleanty of ram clearance. In my opinion both are equaly viable.

Its hard to say if you will get an improvement, you will probably be sucking in hot air from the gfx card but you will probably be doing that anyway.