I want to use audacity while also using skype and a mixer. how do i do this

What i am asking is, if i am using the makie 802vlz4 while podcast is going that is recording from the mixer to my pc with audacity, and i want to add a skype call, how do i send the skype call to the mixer then back to the pc 1) so the person on skype cant hear themselves and 2) so the recording still gets it? other suggestions are also helpful

What OS are you using? if it's linux I haven't found a setup yet either. but if it's windows, I use a combination of Virtual Audio Cables and VB-Audio Voicemeeter Banana. The VB-Audio is free, but the Virtual Audio Cables aren't if I remember right, and the free version of Virtual Audio Cables have a audio sound bit that is played every so often. I also think that VB-Audio has something like Virtual Audio Cables, but I haven't used them, and I don't know if they cost money.

With a hardware mixer, the Aux Send output is usually set up for a 'mix minus' audio feed to Skype caller.
Set Aux levels for your mic and any other channels you want the Skype caller to hear, but make sure the Aux level for Skype caller channel is turned down so they can't hear their voice echoing back.
There lots more in-depth explanations and youtube videos about setting up a mix minus

If your are not podcasting live, pan your microphone to one stereo channel and Skype caller to the other channel to record in Audacity.
Once you have the recording, use Audacity to split stereo track to 2 mono tracks.
Having the two sides of the call in their own mono track makes it much easier to edit for levels, noise reduction etc
Set each mono track slightly left and right to create stereo effect, then mix and render in Audacity will create the finished recording in stereo