I want to stream edit and record but i dont know if should get a better cpu or gpu

should i invest in a better cpu(amd fx 8320) with a bad gpu (unsure what one) or
get a worse cpu(amd fx 6300) with a good gpu (probably 750 ti)

any other part ideas would be helpful
case=zalman z11 plus
budget of all parts = £450

£450 is not a lot of money. Try Parts Picker, makes is easy to budget and ensures that what you get is compatible.

Link: http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/

i know its not much i did make a few rigs but the gpu wasnt very good compared to cpu

I know the feeling, "champagne tastes, lemonade money". It's also true to say, "you can't make a silk purse out of a sows ear, but you can make a good leather one".

Do your best. Look forward to hearing about your new build.

still should i get better cpu or gpu

Well what where you intending to use as a gpu if you were to get an 8320? As a 750ti is already very low end ~ limits the games you can comfortably play at respectable quality etc.
You'd get a better deal if you were to say buy a cheap i3/i5 (1st or 2nd gen) combo 2nd hand then add something like a 7870/270, gtx660 so forth, even a 7950 if you hunt around.

what about this pc
(the price is ok as it includes windows and should get 8.1 or 7)

my new rig is coming up with a possible issue can anyone help the link is

how good is this build