I want to make a blog

Basically I just want to have a blog but I don't know where to host it. I just need a simple website for my blog nothing fancy. If needed I can learn html or other website codes. It would be nice if it were free but that isn't a requirement. I am open to any and all suggestions. Also if this is in the wrong category please let me know.

Why not Wordpress, where every aspect is taken care of?

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Yeah Wordpress would be the easy button and you could self host it on a cheap VPS (virtual private server)

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ok I am looking at wordpress and are you guys talking about the premium plan? because $99 a year is kind of alot (I think don't really have anything to compare it to). Also what do you mean by self hosting

I mainly utilised the 'free-version' of Wordpress (this was 4-years ago)

You could always buy hosting and a domain somewhere ( a lot of places have very affordable plans) and then install WordPress. Would give you a bit more freedom and flexibility at a lower cost.

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ok just to confirm which are we talking about wordpress.com or wordpress.org?

I believe 1&1 have WordPress hosting or, if not, they do have good prices for hosting and you can just install WordPress yourself. I've found that they're really reliable.

Alright 1&1 looks good for the domain name I just need to think of a name now, and I will probably get an old computer cheap on ebay to act as a makshift server with wordpress on it. thanks for all the help

Hi! Tumblr is an option. A great one I think.

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Ghost is also a great blogging platform. You can host it yourself (link to download) or one-click install it on a vps like digitalocean, starting at 5$ a month.

I came here to say this!

if you have some money you could use squarespace I guess.

Thanks for all the replies but I have chosen tumblr. It is simple yet complex and is really what I was looking for.
If anybody is interested link

If you want to go on the cheap, you could use dropbox or something to host your website. I was going to suggest using scriptogr.am, but it looks like its being shut down. There are other ones like calepin that you could try.

An alternative to wordpress would be https://ghost.org/; you can setup your own site from their source code or just pay 8$ per month and they take care of that for you. There's a free trial too, so you can take a peek and see if you like it.

Personally, I wouldn't use a "cheap VPS" as it's a lot of work for a simple web server. Go with one of the simple hosting plans. I use BlueHost, DO NOT USE DOMAIN.COM THEY ARE HORRID, GoDaddy and the others I can't speak for. They're like $5 a month, but that's all you'll need. You could use another hosting company like PageKite or something, but can't speak for them, maybe someone else has suggestions?


I swear I'm not advertising for bluehost I'm just recommending them because out of all the hosting people I've dealt with they've been the least awful.

By "self-host" they mean have your own server in a data center (rented from the hosting company) that you run your web server on. You install WordPress on your server (very easy, google "How to install wordpress") and then you're good to go. With most hosting plans you get at least some email capability, I think I get up to 25 email addresses before I have to upgrade or something like that on mine.

A simple hosting plan (do not get a managed wordpress plan from anyone, be it GoDaddy or Bluehost or whoever, it takes away from your control of your WordPress install and also costs more most of the time, it's for people who don't know any better and fall for the marketing hype) will likely be the most economical and most scalable way to get the job done. I wouldn't use somewhere like Weebly because you're stuck with them forever. The cool thing about WordPress is you can run it on any web server, so if your blog starts getting lots of traffic or something and you need to move to a faster server, you can migrate it easily (I've done it, it's not hard at all).

I'm happy to help if you have questions, I know I was kind of bewildered and overwhelmed when I was trying to get my small site up and running. Works like a dream once you get it going though.

You should try Square Space!



Seriously though, If you're looking to self host, I think that Wordpress if probably the way to go. You can host it on a VPS service like DigitalOcean, or find a managed host.

Whoah ok guys I am not sure if I made myself clear but I don't need any more suggestions. I am perfectly happy using tumblr for now and if I want to go self hosting I can just get some cheap computer flip it to make a server and throw wordpress on it. But thanks for all the help

(Sorry for another suggestion)

Doesn't Google have a service for blogs? They tried to take it down but it's still active so that may be an option.

I am an active blogger lol I use Blogger, but like most people here would suggest, try Wordpress.

I am far to lazy to create another blog since I am already happy with Blogger.

But then again... I do have some time on my hands this weekend lol