I want to join gaming PC

Hi guys. So this is my situation right now. I'm from Philippines, The currency use are Philippine peso. I already have a case, power supply hard drive,Os, Monitor, keyboard and mouse. I have a tight budget so i think I'm going to APU path. If I'm going to buy a10-6800k, what motherboard will you recommend to me?and What ram will you recommend to me? 

My budget is $330

Parts I already have.

Case - nzxt 210

Power Supply - 450w gigabyte 78% efficiency

Hard Drive - WD Blue 500g 7200rpm

OS - Windows 7


I want to play at medium settings 720p resolution, (1600x900 if possible)

What i want to play is Bioshock Infinite, Half Life, Sky Rim, Dota 2 and I want also to try some indie games.

Sorry for my bad English.

All opinion and recommendation will be gladly appreciated. Thank you.  






I went a little over, but this will stomp any APU out there. 7870gHz, quad core CPU (even if it is a weak one), 4GB of RAM, and some god forsaken motherboard. Pretty solid, considering you already have a PSU, storage, OS, and case.

I would recommend the athlon x4 750k or similar fm2 cpu not an apu.  then for a graphics card just get a HD 7770 or higher and 4-8gb of ram.  I dont know what the prices are like in the Philippines


I think the prices in your country are much higher than the US. So I put together a cheap build, much lower than your budget:


The 7770GHz will play games at 1080p. The ideal resolution is 1600x900.

It is better than an APU, and should be affordable in the Philippines. If you have enough budget left, I would recommend a better graphics card. Like the 7790, 7850, or if you're lucky; a 7870.