I want to get into coding

Like the title says, I really really want to get into coding. I have n clue how to start learning about it and studying. I was hoping to get some help getting started from someone who knows what they are doing. Any help would be amazing! 

Well what sort of things do you wish to program? If you think of something you want to first accomplish will help you chose what programming language to use.

- zanginator

I'm available almost all day on skype @ devonjavascript on skype, and I'd be more than willing to help get you started and maybe guide you along learning.

Seeing how you have no previous knowledge, I would recommend starting with HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript, making websites. Web design is a great way to get into coding and even a way to make a living, if you're good enough. If you want to step right in, start with C++, possibly using the University of Reddit lecture series.