I want to get a rtmp stream to work over DDNS

So what i have been trying to do is allow for me and my friend to upload both of our live stream to you tube and twitch so we can get the multi cam support working. So i decided to get NGINX for windows http://nginx-win.ecsds.eu/ and download Cheshire http://nginx-win.ecsds.eu/download/nginx% Once downloaded i used this script for a .conf file http://pastebin.com/7ea0yK3M to allow for rtmp. with that i can upload 1 stream to 2 places at once. however i need my friends stream to also go to those destinations.Now this is where it gets fuzzy as my understanding would be if i used duckdns https://www.duckdns.org/install.jsp and created a DDNS he would be able to rtmp or rtsp over then net to that DDNS ip address and then my excepting server and firewalls would let him through and be another client stream on the rtmp server . however when ever i have tried as a test my self the connection times out. I am with sky as my ISP and they do have some paid for DDNS options in the default gateway but not duck so that when i just did the firewall to allow it through if the request came through. now looking into the .conf file the only things i changed in the NGINX rtmp was the listening ports as i added 554 for rtsp but that was about it. idk i am about to give up as at least locally i can stream to the rtmp app and it works fine. its just trying to get the connection from the outside into the network which will then be re-broadcast, i tried the dmz feature in my router to and no luck.