I want to do cool stuff Detroit area

I have no computer friends in my area, and I want to start doing some cool stuff.

If you are in the Detroit area and you also have no computer friends and want to do cool stuff let me know.

I am interested in Linux and setting up some cool powerful point to point ham wifi networks atm, but I would also be interested in cool ideas anyone also has.


Let me know........ 

I live in Windsor which is just right across the river from Detroit. The point-to-point connection would be interesting to do.

Sorry I have not checked this in so long. ill try to find out range and laws and get back to you. Because there are laws that limit what we are allowed to do.  

Holy crap. I never saw this. I searched "detroit" after seeing the Rocket Fiber segment on the show. I am in the Detroit area, run Linux and am always down for cool stuff!

also live in Detroit and am also down for cool Linux things to do