I want to buy stuff from Tek Syndicate but

Their are no anime based items. I Logan cannot make anything look amazing like Dragon Ball Z. I fear that I may not purchase anything from him.

I'm not an anime fan at all, but anime versions of the tek crew could be pretty awesome. I think they like to avoid putting themselves or caricatures of themselves on merch though. Perhaps an anime Umbra mech line ? :D

If you are looking for anime anything you can go to Steam now and see the game store cluttered with this junk. So glad that Tek Syndicate has nothing to do with anime.

What's wrong with Dragon Ball Z? That show is totally metal.

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Check out One Punch Man.. soooo fucking good

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No way Siatama can destroy Majin Buu. Buu can destroy a whole universe and open a portal to another and destroy that. The ultimate villain.

Lil Spirit Bomb beat Buu.. no problem for Siatama

Siatama cannot bring out his inner power into the form of pure energy though. Pure energy is magic and his fist is not.

Magic isn't real, his fist is.

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In the one punch cross over Sitama had a hard time trying to defeat Majin Buu at the world tournament. And if Siatama cannot summon up energy to destroy a galaxy then he has no chance of destroying Buu.

But One Punch Man would win the fight with one punch so there's that

The key word is destroy. Victory means nothing to Buu because Buu destroy's all. Even the 4th dimension.

Tiago toon t-shirts then? Not Anime, but pretty close.