I want to buy a new keyboard but don't know what one

So I wan to buy a new keyboard. I’d like a 65% board of some sort, but I’m not sure that I know what switches I want. I like MX Clears, but I would love to try ALPS switches, though I don’t really know what to look for with those.

So I guess… Recommend me a keyboard? Or at least a place to start?

And no fucking MX Reds those are awful.

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was gonna say a Model M but then you said 65%… Honestly once you figure out what switches you want it’s a matter of finding a keyboard that has them with the a e s t h e t i c that you want. Build quality? I’ve never come across a keyboard that hasn’t physically survived everything thrown at it, including old Dell, Compaq and HP membrane keyboards.

Maybe you could get a Sun Microsystems keyboard and modify it to have Cherry switches.


Maybe look for the Massdrop ALT mechanical keyboard. You have the choice between different switches, or can add them yourselves.

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If you’ve got a Frys or Microcenter near you, you should go there and try out the keyboards they have on display. See which switches you like best and report back. That way we can give you a better recommendation.

That’s a bit on the expensive side.

I know you said 65%, but I’ve got a tenkeyless Cooler Master and it’s working wonderfully for me. You might consider it, since it was only ~$80.

I’m not sure why the cost on these boards goes up as they get less functionality.

Much as I like Cherry clones or old cherry switches, it is hard to beat Alps/Matias on the tactile feel. Hard to find one that is 60%ish as not many companies make them and reviews seem to be people trying to compare them to Cherry switches, and that makes about as much sense as comparing buckling springs to Cherry. Hopefully some one else here has a better idea as I can’t even find one I want to try that is still in production. Got some green alps in a keyboard behind me that are the first linear switch that I like but I haven’t converted it yet to be usable. If you are just looking to try some for cheap there is always the Apple extended keyboard that goes for cheap on ebay.

If I wanted to drive 65+ miles to detroit I’d totally do that lol.

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Niche products and lack of manufacturing scale. Corsair, CoolerMaster, etc. likely have tens of thousands made up front.

Lol you say 65+ miles as if its far. The nearest Fry’s to me is 400 miles away and the nearest micro center is further. Still understandable though. I’d second the ten key-less Coolermaster. I’ve got the Masterkeys pro L and I really Like it. Depends on what you want it for, the Coolermaster board that I have is really nice for gaming but it’s only fair for typing IMO.

I have a pickup truck with a hole in the gastank so I can’t fill it past half and it gets 12 miles to the gallon.

So yeah, its far.

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What is it about a new keyboard you are looking to do? What is wan?


I just need a smaller Keyboard that is potentially quieter. I have heard that ALPS is god level. IF I had a translator board for a certain SUN keyboard I have thats a topre board I wouldn’t care. BUT, if theres some ALPS boards around I’ll go for it.

On top of that I have arthritis inherited from my mom and I’m a dvorak user. So I end up sounding like a picky little prick :T

And 7 hours later I’m the one that ended up buying a keyboard…


If you do a ton of typing or programming the Kinesis Advantage2 or 1 are pretty good keyboards.

Ehhhhh, if I wanted ergonomics I have a microsoft natural that I’d use.

Yeah, that’s true. I’m just remarking on the irony of a smaller thing being more expensive than a bigger thing.

Ok, it feels much nicer in case ergonomics is a concern.

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Still looking. Matias and ALPS seem to be a rarity… Annoying.

100% of why I haven’t bought a keyboard with them. Well I got one but it’s not pc or anything compatible, only linear switch I like but useless otherwise.

Thinking of doing a wireless keyboard… Something to the style of the logitech G700s? Plug it in its wired, unplug and on battery its bluetooth?

Is there anything like that?

While still being mechanical?

  • Corsair K63

Also, don’t know if you would be interested in the Havit KB390L - its an 87 key ( so not 65%, but still pretty compact ) Kailh slim blue keyboard. It’s only wired tho. But it’s pretty cool. I know you like cool things.

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