I want to build my pc but need help

Hi I am trying to think of a good pc build in australia. I plan to use it for 3d rendering and modeling using mudbox and maya with some adobe photoshop work and premier work as well. I was thinking of getting a intel xeon processor, a nvidia quadro 6000 for the 3d side but i was also thinking on getting a nvidia titan for the gaming i want to do on it to. I want about 32gb's of ram.I am planing to make my own short film. Apart from that I do not know what would be a good motherboard to get or much else. this will be my first computer build. so I am fairly dumb when it comes to computer jargan. Any help would be greatly appreicated. My budget would be about $7000 australian dollars.


Rather than getting a Titan, may I suggest two R9 290X's, which I hear is faster than the Titan and each card will only be around $600 USD. I believe that the reference 290X will only have 4GB of VRAM, instead of 6GB in the Titan... but you won't notice unless you're using 3 4K displays or some crazy stuff like that. 

For the motherboard and processor, in your kind of workflow, X79 would be best, so allow me to reccomend the ASUS P9X79 WS with the i7-4820K

I plan to have 32gb of ram or is that kind of overkill for the present time. i was wondering in your opinion which is the best company for ram. Thanks for your help it is greatly appreciated

i like gskills, you dont need 32 gb unless you are running a server or plan to use that ram as a virtual disk.

ok cool is 8gb's of ram good enough?

16GB would probably be overkill already.