I want to build a Workstation but I don't know where to start?

Ok so I need a PC to do my work on. I will be using Solidworks and Autodesk products for 3D design Rendering and Structural Analysis.

I know a lot about gaming desktops and I've built few over the years. but I don't know much about workstations and Dual CPU builds.


I know there are the Xeon processors and the i7 Extreme, but what is best and why ? I will not be using the build for gaming as I have a PC built for that. I will be doing only work.


also what about GPU and does Autodesk products take advantage of Quadro or Firepro and which is better ?


if I use two Processors in one machine does that add any benefit ?



thanks :)

If you already have a gaming PC then just use that, you don't need both as they are essentially the same thing. My workstation for iRay, Mental Ray, Inventor and AutoCAD is also my gaming rig. The only benefit you'll get from a dual CPU setup is lower render times but the cost isn't really worth it if you are buying it yourself. A Quadro or Firpro wont benefit you unless your assemblies are thousands of parts in size and again the costs just aren't worth it compared to a gaming card.


What is the budget? - if its £800 - £1200 go Z97 Mobo with a Xeon E3-1230 or i7 4790K + GTX/R9 above that go for X99 Mobo with a i7 5820K or i7 5960X if the budget can go even higher.

Which render engines are you using?

ok but what about those "Certified" Graphics Cards aka the Quadro and firepro ! why are they certified ? aren't they faster in rendering don't they have drivers meant for that ?

They are honestly more optimised however are practically lower end GPUs with additional instruction sets.