I want to become a local builder

I'm hoping to get out there to become a local computer builder for good prices and for any priced computer and insure satisfaction and performance for the best budget possible. Not just their budget and price range but also for their choice of parts and/or colors and just general asthetics and performance out of the parts.

I'd like to know if anyone knows any good or decent ways of getting out there? Would Craigslist be a good way or just through facebook?

Do everything you can, that's all anyone can really tell you. Tell your friends, put up some flyers. I'm sure a lot of college kids would be interested in getting help building a computer if you have any way to get something onto a campus.


Go door to door and give people a brief explanation of the work you do.  Although, I think you would get more business if you go the "computer repair" route.  You can also print some flyers.  Hang 'em up in an area that people tend to frequent.

I'll try just that. I'll go to a buddy of mine that's good with photo shop to help me out with making a nice flyer. My dad happens to have a very nice printer (Canon MX432) so that'll be great. Thanks for the advice.

Sounds like a good idea. I'll try that. And I have a few people in mind that need some computer repairs so I'll try that stuff out. A few friends of mine already want me to build their rigs for them, a friend of mine came up from two states away and I got a good rig together for him, twice. And thanks for the advice.