I want this board in AM4 NOW!


MSI has kindof not done anything nice for AMD so far this time around... the only really good one... is the Titanium which rather overpriced (I have one and I wouldnt really pay more than $200 for it and yet, its $300- and doesnt even have feature parity with Z270 variant of itself, which ... has less built in PCIE & etc into the chipset and yet has more features and a backplate)

sooo that may or may not happen for you....

:( I'm sad really sad

This is as close as youre going to get in terms of aesthetics (ignore the pricing - its in AUD)

I'm expecting more motherboards to come out, so we may see something like OP's eventually. I'd say once the APU release gets closer, or maybe even around R5 release, we'll see more smaller form factor motherboards.

For example, AM4 ITX boards aren't on the market yet, but ITX boards from Biostar and Gigabyte are semi-confirmed to be coming.