I want my H105 back

So I decided to RMA my h105 because the pump had a buzzing noise that I wasn't too fond of.
Down clock'ed my 8350 from 4.6 back down to 4 and threw the stock cooler on.
I knew it couldn't cool for crap but tried to play some games.
BF4 reached 70c and almost 6000 rpm's. I left the game and am sad now. Drinking cheap rum and just want to play the gamenz. Corsair will have had my rma'ed h105 for a week on wednesday....c'mon send me a replacement already...

Did you remember to turn the volatge down too? That'll help! I was able to run an 8350 at 4ghz with turbo disabled at 1.275v no problem. That really helped me to keep things cool while I was in a similar situation.

Yes. I have a OC profile saved in uefi for stock settings.