I want everybodys opinion on whats a good gaming mouse

because i need one, i got one answer on that, but not much for help..

Well, as you stated -- it's all opinion here. Everyone's going to have their favorite!

I love the Corsair M45. I think it's perfect. If I need to replace it, I hope I can replace it with another M45 as I don't really care for the Sniper button on the M65. Granted, I've never tried it. But I like to rest my thumb where it's at.

At work, I just got a new $10 Anker mouse. I like the way it fits in my hands better than my $40 Logitech wireless mouse.


I just picked up one of these. Pretty impressed so far, very customizable and looks cool.

I like the look of the Gskill mouse and keyboard that @wendell reviewed as well. but there doesn't seem to be any Gskill stockists in the UK that carry their peripherals.

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I love my R.A.T. 3 mouse $50 and the software is great. Two features the reviewer missed is I have it setup so the vertical dpi is lower than the sideways dpi. Faster side to side than up and down And one can adjust the size of the palm rest and swap out the thumb and pinky rests. The more expensive RAT 5,7,9,X models have more adjustable features. Adjusting dpi on the fly is useful. I'm playing Just Cause 3 now. When I get in a tank, turret movement is slow, so I click the dpi toggle a few times.

I still love my Razer Imperator.... crazy comfortable and does a great job

Razer deathadder or Steelseries Diablo 3 (sensei)

My mouse of choice is Zowie EC2-Evo. EC2 is the smaller version of EC1. So if you have smaller hands you go with EC2. If you have bigger hands you go with EC1. Best mouse I've ever used.


These. Sensei for life

I like my Logitech G600. 4x3 buttons which can do whatever I want them to do.
Space to put all my fingers are also nice to have but not needed.


Simple design and feels good to use! Would prefer maybe more tactile side buttons but they function well enough for me not to really notice during gameplay :)

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This is a super subjective question but it may help to let us know what genres of games do you mainly play. Depending on genre a mouse may not be best.


gigabyte m8000x

Yeah i know :D. Well so far its adventure games, (just cause,fallout, postal, saints row), planing to play more fps games

At home I use a Mionix Naos 7000 at home and really like it; they have it on Massdrop right now for a nice discount over Amazon. The tracking and feel are excellent; no complaints.

At work I just switched from my old Anker 8200dpi gaming mouse(works well but the scroll wheel was dying) to a Logitech g700s. The Logitech feels great and has a scroll wheel that free spins at the push of a button for fast scrolling(the main reason I went with this one). It's also wireless; I did notice the tracking felt weird at 1000hz polling rate but it's fine at 500. It also has a nice selection of extra buttons that are easy to reach and easily programmed in Logitech's software. I use it on my software development workstation so the extra buttons are very useful(along with the G keys on my g710+ keyboard). I can't really comment on it's gaming performance though.

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Sharkoon Fire Glider Optical Gaming Mouse (000SKFGO), first decent gaming mouse I have had that is ergonomic, inexpensive and great quality. The flames look stupid but who cares for 25 bucks.

I find I perfer 3rd person games with a controlled the gamestop Xbone controller feels really good in hand. And with first person I love the logitech g700.

I'm not going to do the usual "I recommend the one I use"-type reply, instead I'll (hopefully) point you towards finding something that really fits your needs. There are 3 basic factors:

  1. functionality: What do you actually want/need? Do you need macros and 15 extra programmable buttons or would you never use them anyway and just need 2 extra side buttons instead? Basically, what kind of features do you actually want.

  2. shape: this is basically 100% subjective, find something that fits your hand nicely, try them out at a store, just asking around what other people like will not necessarily help you. Once you find something that really feels "right" you can stick to that general shape and then try out a bunch more mice that could work for you.

  3. sensor: Ideally get a mouse that has a "flawless sensor". You'll find a list online if you google that, these sensors have basically 0 acceleration or angle snapping and will translate your actual movement 1:1 to the game/cursor. This is most relevant when you play fps games, but I just find it really important in general. It might not be as important in other games but it'll still be a better experience IMO.

Once you find something that fits all 3 criteria you'll probably be more than happy with it. There are a few more details like build quality (no mouse will last forever but you don't want it to die within a few months obviously) and on what surface you'll use the mouse (any modern optical mouse will basically work on whatever standard mousepads you have though), but that's about it.

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Unlike some of the people here I HATED my RAT mouse, it had massive issues, now mind you I likely got a bad mouse and it isn't the brands fault. However I have a G500 and have been rocking it for nearly 5 years. However since the G500 isn't made anymore and is super expensive its brother the G500s is the same with a Slightly better sensor in it and only about $60. If/When my G500 dies I'll likely get a G500s.

Thank you,that's really helpful.

I used to game hardcore in the 90's. But now I just use this.


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