I want a silent keyboard and mouse

I am building a computer and I need a keyboard and mouse with it. I want the mouse to be silently clicking and the keyboard to be membrane. I cant find any good budget ones so i need help.

You can search for "chiclet" keyboards, those are very silent. If you want to use it in games you might need to take a gaming keyboard like the Razer Deathstalker (Essential), because most non-gaming models don't allow you to press more than a few keys simultaneously (a classic problem is Shift+W+Space not being recognized).

As for mice, I use one from Steelseries and it's rather quiet, but there might be more quiet versions out there.

If you're looking for silence in a keyboard, you might want to take a look at some MX red keyboards and get some O-rings for them, some browns might work well with o-rings too.

MX Reds with o-rings is dead silent, unless you like slamming keys.

It might be hard to find a "silent" mouse. Most of them click.

Can confirm Rocking an MX red with o-rings that I onyl installed a week ago. Very nice. Still the noise form the up click of the switches though.

I don't like reds though, too soft. I want dark grey minimum (80-85g). Blacks are easy to find and a little harder than reds at 60g to reds 45g. All typical values.

For a keyboard, yea like everyone else is saying reds give the characteristics of a membrane keyboard with the benefits of mechanical switches.

As for mice that's tricky, there are some modifications you can do to make it quiet.

May want to try doing it on a cheapo mice before doing it on the mouse you want.

yah I was just looking for something that dosent have a very loud click my current mouse

I have a keyboard with reds and orings, and as my girlfriend can tell you, it is far from silent. That said, it is quite a lot quieter than the keyboard that I have on hand with blues. Using the shoddy android app as a sound meter, it is telling me that at ~6 inches from the keyboard, it is 60db, so yeah, not silent. Definitely better than without the orings though. If you want silent, then (and you aren't going to want to heat this), you will need something that has a rather "mushy" feel to it. Something that slows you during that down press and doesn't have a lot of return strength. Something like that will be much quieter than reds. Something like that would be a shitty rubber dome keyboard though (or something along those lines anyway).