I want a HUD.... Or at least some integration of it

Wat do?

I know of conky in linux but I do use windows as well. Is there a similar tool? Even RSS utilities for both? Would there be a way to do pass PC information off to my phone? (iphone 5S currently, regret it so much though). How about my PC passing off notifications to my phone about a torrent finishing or updating?

Are there ways I could set this up or are my dreams out of reach?

There's rainmeter for windows, Not sure about win10 support, but I used it back in win7.

It's definitely possible to pass data to your phone (incl the torrent info, you'll need to find out how to hook into your torrent client to listen for status), but it will probably need some programming to get it done.

EDIT: the way I do some monitoring stuff, is I have a 1366x768 display powered by a PI, and it has clients that netcat data to the pi, which reads and organizes the data into a sort of "network status monitor", all done in node.js, for easy display within browsers