I wanna kinda float things in front of my face wile I lay on the couch

There are a few options that I have seen, although I couldn’t immediately find exactly what I was looking for.


There are some ideas on that page and a bunch more in the related links below. Although you don’t have to use scissor extensions, you could also box joints with a thin dowel or rod going through to made a hinge. Or buy cheap hinges and replace the pins with a bolt and wing nut so you can tighten it once in place.

You could make it so the base of the stand fits under the foot of your chair/couch so it won’t go anywhere, otherwise it would have to be extremely heavy or bolted in to something that won’t easily move. I was originally going to do something similar to this but ended up putting a side table next to my chair at the same height and use a 12" x 12" granite tile as a mouse pad that sits on both and hangs over the arm of the chair closer to me so I can use it comfortably.

I really need to stop being lazy and just custom build an entire recliner with everything built in.

the tablet stand I got will hold my laptop, its not happy about it but it will do it with a little persuasion so thats nice

I figured out that the gooseneck part of my “laptop stand” is exactly the same as ones that go on microphone stands so any accessory that connects to one of them will screw into the stands threads and most of those can also accommodate the tablet holder component. This includes a wide variety of adjustable arms and extensions. Boom Arms are pretty cheap I may add one for additional adjustableness.

I personally use a Selfie Stick permanently super glued to my forehead.
A wee bit inconvenient when standing or walking… But hey, I’m willing to live with it. :laughing:

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I thought of that but it’s too heavy

Carbon fiber model!