I wait for the next tablet or i buy one now?

Hello guys . I work on a game studio . and I am the manager of the 3d design departement . so i need to always keep news from the artist (know what they do and thier WIP )  or ( if they need something they ask to me ) so i need to always keeps connected. And its why i would like to buy a tablet. And someting make me sad. I don't know if i wait until brand like sony and asus and htc ect.. Will out a tablet with a 64 bits processor like the snapdragon 810 / or the tegra K1 denver ..

Or if i buy a tablet now. I want someting compatible LTE ( to use it every where )  and something powerfull no lagy with friandly interface ( good facing camera and micro for conference ) good screen ( high quality ) long batterie life ( to bring it with me all day long ).

So i want to know if something that come in the summer or already out , is simmilar to my specification or it will be best to wait . but tell me a date (approximately ) if you tell me to wait .

Just (  ) i can buy a xiaomi mipad ( tegra k1) from a global dealer (ibuygou ) but i would like to have nexus 9 ( htc volantis ) with a tegra k1 64 bits . do you know the release date ? 

And please dont talk about Ipad.


thank you

The Nexus 9 is only a rumor at this point, but is likely to come out in my opinion.  If it does have a 64-bit Tegra K1, I would get it in a heartbeat.

As for the Xiaomi MiPad, it's a rock-solid tablet from what I've seen and offers pretty much everything you need.

Thank you a lot .

I would second that have a look at this http://www.anandtech.com/show/8022/xiaomi-announces-the-mipad-the-first-tegra-k1-device