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I’ve found a couple of Black Friday VPN offers!


Hi there,
I have found 2 black friday offers while looking to get one for myself and now I’m a bit stuck to choose between the two!
The first one is by PureVPN which is offering a double up on any package with standard price!
The second one is by Ivacy which is offering 87% off on their 2 years plan!
PureVPN definitely is a bigger and better one (looks like it) but the price of Ivacy is mouth watering. So can I get any suggestions?


I would be interested in suggestions too..

I signed up for a VPN a couple years ago, with the plans of setting it up on my router for all traffic, but had issues accessing some sites I liked... Craigslist for example. So, I'd be hesitant to pay for a year or two years up front, only to realize a site I frequent semi-often is blocking me due to what VPN I'm routing through... and only find that out after the 7-day trial (in the case of PureVPN) has ended.


I haven't had experience with these providers, but I'd like to hear about them. I personally use Mullvad.


@Indolent @snowBlind623 @paapicholoo
They have open VPN support, don't block any ports and chameleon protocol along with Nat.


I'm sure private internet access will have a sale, but at 35 dollars a year, you can't beat the price at all regardless.

Absolutely great service, been using them for 2-3 years now.


Both are not working for me. Because I am living in China, GFW is blocking many VPNs. Just renew my VPN FlyVPN. Buy 1 Year Get 1 Year Free. Good deal.


Their Chameleon was failed in China & all VPN providers have OpenVPN support


Yeah their price was awesome but the reason i didn't consider them is limited count of their servers


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