I thought Logan/Wendell would have covered this by now

So I'm a bit of a novice when it comes to technology in that I can do a little coding and have installed linux just to see what it is like, but have only really used windows.

So whenever I hear Logan or Wendell say they are going to make a tutorial on how to do a proper remote desktop/storage set-up I get really excited. Except the first time I've heard them mention this was a year ago and I haven't seen anything yet. I've looked up quite a bit myself, but I haven't come about a good way of doing it myself and I was hoping I could save myself a lot of trouble by asking the experts here at the community. So here I am, I'm hoping anyone out there can help me (or at least point me in a better direction) of how to conjure up a way to access my home windows computer from another network to use remotely and for file transfer, securely.

Ideally I'd like to access my home computer from mostly any other computer. Being able to do so on android would be great too. Basically teamviewer without having to use teamviewer (teamviewer can be totally blocked on some systems, like my work computer, even the portable version).

If someone has details on what is needed to implement what features and their estimated costs I would be delighted. The easier and more windows friendly, the better, for my situation personally.

Love the community. Keep being awesome.

Bonus: Why are their gaps in tek episodes? like episode 0221?

I don't have this implemented (I use TeamViewer because I'm a horrible lazy person) but this is what I would do.

  • pfSense router with OpenVPN running so you get access to your entire home network from anywhere
  • FreeNAS or Open Media Vault for storage, or a Windows file share if you just need to get to stuff from one machine
  • VNC or RDP server running on each machine, and an SSH server on any Linux machines you have. Obviously on laptops that may leave the home network, you'll have to do some careful firewalling when you're away from home or they end up being a little too open.