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I thought I bought a Ryzen 9 3900x ... :)))

It’s a bit hilarious … my 3900x is identified as an EPYC on CPU-X (I knnow it’s the chiplet). Does anyone else has had this peculiarity ? :rofl:

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Yeah, happens in some apps.
If you look at the features, you’ll find it only has Ryzen parts, I.E. pci lanes, caches and feature sets :frowning:
I presume they use faulty or purposefully blocked Epyc chiplets to sell on the threadripper line, but the Ryzen line is a different production line.

Indeed it’s the app. I suppose when it’s probing the IO die it responds “I’m 14nm and have EPYC CPUs” ,thus the :hick-up". It is a testament though, to the ingenuity of the ZEN2 architecture . One arch to rule them all … Ah well … as long as it works properly … and boy , it reaps !

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I must admit, I’m a bit jealous with my “puny” 3700X …

yes this happens

I don’t need more TBH. But sometimes it really sucks being all grown-up and having priorities and such… Where are the good old “need? no. want? yes! buy? sure!”-days…


I have kids and now its about need. I have a 3900x but I actually use it all day every day for my business.

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