I Think My PCI-E Died

So I just got my new build, which entailed a Asus P8Z77-V Deluxe motherboard and a EVGA GTX 680. The whole thing is put together and I don't get any video from my GPU so I try various things, different cables, display modes on the monitor. So what I tried to do was pinpoint the problem. In order to do that I took my 680 and put it in my brothers machine and see if it would work there and it did, after I took his 660 ti and put it in my machine and nothing. This would lead me to believe that this might be my motherboard. I also tried using other PCI-E slots on my motherboard as well and still nothing so it's not just the one. I would love any input. Also, worth mentioning, I know for a fact that there is no problem with the monitor, it is very new and I was using it hours before I got the new PC.  

There might not be enough power for it?

Lol nawh everything is on and powered I went way overkill with the psu

Does the board post?


I think it's safe to assume that it's a faulty motherboad. I would RMA the board and have them send you a new one. It might be wise to try out some different ram and see if that's the problem though.

No it didn't post but Yeah I ended up returning it. I got a MSI Z77 Mpower instead, I got that one because it's hand tested, thanks anyway guys.

I just cringed a little at the mention of MSI, lol.

Those beep codes sure come in handy for times like these.