I think my graphics card is broken

Ok. So here is my problem.

I don’t know what’s going on with my graphics card. I have a PC that I built about 2 years ago. Great machine.

Xeon e3 1231v3
Asus P9D WS
Sapphire 380 Nitro

The PSU is a Cooler master 750W I don’t remember the model and the ram is 16gb of Kingston ecc memory.

The motherboard is so kind as to give me some diagnostic LEDs when I start the machine up. It goes through all the most important hardware parts and leaves a LED on if something is wrong with any of them.

The LED for GPU is not staying on so that means that the motherboard doesn’t detect an issue with the graphics card.

The machine seems to post because I can’t turn it off by just pressing the power button, I have to hold it and kill it that way so it seems like it boots into the OS successfully.

As for testing of the graphics card I have tested it in all of the four PCI-e slots, tested four different HDMI cables and a dvi cable, tested three different monitors.

I’ve tried reseating the CPU, booting with one of the memory sticks and tried switching the cables from the PSU. The graphics card fans turn on for a couple of seconds and then turn off.

I’m possibly picking up a new graphics card today, but it would be great if you know if it can be saved

Thank you!

Check your warranty

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Sounds like you’ve done a good job with the troubleshooting so far.

Do you have another known working PC that you can put your GPU in? If equipped, does you onboard GPU work? Beyond that, the only other thing I can think to look at would be checking power and grounds on the PSU with a multimeter.

Yes. The gpu works in another PC. So I have no idea what’s going on here. I also accidentally tried to start up the PC without the graphics card power from the PSU and got very happy when the VGA error LED lit up and then I saw that it wasn’t connected to power. So I think it gets power from the PSU. I also tested another set of cables from the PSU with no luck. The PSU also seems to provide power to the rest of the system.

Just expired, but I did inform the supplier about the error before the warranty expired. Does that make a difference?

If the GPU in question works in another PC, that would most likely rule out the GPU as the culprit.

At this point, it sounds like a problem with the CPU, MB, or PSU.

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Not legally, but you can give it a try.

As @Cobra92fs said the GPU is unlikely to be the culprit though when it works in another PC. Do you have a different card you can try in this PC?

I’ve been planning on upgrading anyway so I’m probably picking up a new graphics card today.

Yes I agree that this might not be a gpu problem. It just seems like the pc is posting since I have to hold the power button for a couple of seconds to shut it down. If it’s not posting you’d be able to shut it down with a simple push or am I wrong?

The motherboard also shows gives power to the fans and hdd is spinning so I’m not sure that the mb is the problem.

Well i just lent the card to someone to test and they said it worked so I didn’t confirm it myself.

The mb has a diagnostic LED for the CPU and it’s not on so I’m completely in the dark here. It’s the weirdest issue I’ve encountered.

I can also say that the image on one of the monitors got a yellow tint before it went completely black if that means something.

Uhm, what if it’s the monitor? Or the cable?

As I said, I’ve tested multiple cables and monitors. The monitor works with other devices. My initial thought was that I might have tugged to hard on a cable and ruined the HDMI port, but when the DVI port didn’t work either I started to suspect it was not the ports, plus the card worked on another computer.

pull the PSU from the working computer , try it in the non-working computer, perhaps the power to the graphics card rail isnt supplying enough power.

That would be weird since the power supply has been woring so far, but I can give it a shot…

Ok so I just discovered one thing. The PC shows up as a file server on the network, so I know for sure that it posts.

since it works in another box, and you switched slots without success , that would be my guess. do you have a card that doesn’t require power to try?

If it’s talking to the network and you’re able to pull/push files from it then it’s definitely booted into the OS. Makes me 90% certain the output on your GPU has gone bad. It happens but not often. Sorry m8 but unless the manufacturer is willing to honor the warranty you may be SOL.

Can suck as to test faults without drop in replacements when stuff is out of warranty. PC are basicly modular and without replacement test parts testing can suck without spending money blindly.

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Totally missed that, sorry.
Yeah, that is odd.

I think @wr250 is on the right track, at least I would go the same route.
The other option would be to replace the PSU right away. (and also the cables)
If that doesn’t do it, it might be some power issue on the board that feeds the PCIe.

Just got up. Yes I will try that. I don’t have a PSU readily at hand, but I’ll try scavenging one. Thank’s for the suggestion.

Yup. I was about to pick up a used 980Ti, but I didn’t go for it as I have no idea if it would have worked.