I think I used the wrong case, lol

Yo, guys, I did a recent build in an NZXT H400 and I think it’s kinda too big. I really plan on keeping it ITX as far as the motherboard and single GPU and not needing more than 2 dimms of ram goes, and, I wanna end up with my PC on the desk but not taking up a shitload of space.

The problem is, I have a cat, so I want my PC fully fine-filtered. Do you guys have any suggestions for a significantly smaller case that’s high quality, decently easy to build in, and comes fully filtered? I’d like a TG side to showcase what I have, but that’s not entirely necessary this time. I’m willing to spend good money on a case, given how it’ll hold whatever PC I build, upgrade, or otherwise use for the foreseeable future.

Alternatively, is there any place I can buy the fine filter material so I can make filters, myself? The front filter on the H400 is excellent, but the top filter is NOT fine mesh, so grains of dirt and such can simply fall through. Finally, I plan on air cooling for simplicity and safety, but I definitely wanna get the best thermals and noise levels I can with that. Liquid cooling is cool (pun slightly intended) but I presume it’s heavier, and there will ALWAYS be that chance to have a critical leak-based failure. Maybe I’ll try it, anyway, who knows.

Oh, Also, I’d like to keep my current ATX PSU. I think it’s a corsair 700w modular. Can’t see it RN because of the basement.

Why not the h200?

That’s exactly what I was thinking. Already filtered, could still try water cooling, already know the layout and such. I just don’t know how much smaller it’d really be and I wanted to know what else was out there. Interested in going SFF. From all the ones I’ve seen, I like the Ncase M1 and the Loque Ghost S1 (Or dan A4, whichever has the add-on thingies).

But I still need it filtered, so I’d have to have a source on ultra-fine mesh filter material. Just a side note, I’ve tossed around the idea of a double AIO 240 setup, one for the CPU and one for the GPU in an updraft style arrangement with either one front intake or 2 side intakes to cool the mobo and stuff. Either that, or 4 side intakes and both of the rads would exhaust air with the PSU in-taking from the front.

Well thats better than too small right? And you get more air.

Lool. But, seriously. I wanna put it on my future desk without taking up mouse/speaker/monitor space or having to move my whole setup down the length of the desk, leaving less space for other stuff down that way.

If glas was not required, the SilverStone DS380 could work.

The Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ITX TG solves the “cat hair from the top” problem, but places a power button in the line of fire.

Yeah. I’ve had that problem already with the H400. Only once, but still. Thanks for your recommendations.