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I think I might be left handed


  • left handed, almost fully
  • right handed, almost fully
  • left handed, mostly
  • right handed, mostly
  • evenly mixed, left/right, depending
  • fully ambidextrous



There are actually two ways to eat with a knife and fork:

  1. Fork in left, knife in right while cutting. Knife is place down and fork is used in right hand to pick up food after cutting.
  2. English style - Fork in left hand, knife in right, fork stays in left hand for picking up food but is backhanded (tines down) into the mouth. Knife is never put down.


I can also cut the meat with my feet and dance a jig and then have my dog spit the food into my mouth. Why not add unnecessary steps?


I am cross-dominant. I write and generally hold things with my left hand but I throw them with my right hand. Also mouse control falls into the right hand category. I'd be useless with a mouse in my left hand. And I couldn't possibly play darts with my left hand.


Had I known you were such a dickhead outside the Guess the Game thread, I would've gotten that toothbrush stuck in your fucking head.


This got popular lol


You are arguing that there are two ways to use a knife and fork. I would suggest that there are infinite ways. I was pointing out the inefficiency as noticed as per my comment. So, piss off and find a hobby to deal with your anger issues.


Almost anything I do two handed, I do left handed. Exceptions are certain instruments like the guitar and violin which must be played right handed. The flute on the other hand (har har har!) must be played left handed. For any single handed task, I am right handed. It can be hilarious to watch me use a hand-and-a-half sword and switch between right and left handed stances.


Alright I figured it out. I probably am left handed. I just need to play with it. Literally my entire left side is dominant over everything. Shoot pistols left, left hand can actually navigate my phone better, left hand throwing is better, left dominant eye. I even hear shit better out of my left ear but I don't think that counts considering I'm partially deaf from ear infections in infancy. XD

The only right handed things I really do is use a mouse, shoot a rifle (no left handed rifles available to really try), and writing because school burned that into my head. Probably if I really gave it a shot I could write with my left. I even use dvorak which prefers the left hand. Maybe I should try left handed dvorak and see if that significantly changes anything speed wise.


There may be infinite ways, but dining etiquette only approves of the two ways I described.


Interesting there is so many people experiencing this. I am a lefty in terms of handwriting but anything else is mostly done by the right hand. When doing things which are considered right-handed it somehow feels smoother and way more controllable for me... I dunno how to describe it.

I once had to visit a knitting course in school for a grade. I was the only lefty and the teacher tried to show me how to do it backwards. It was hillarious to watch her failing and after failing myself I eventually tried knitting right-handed which turned out to be better even compared to most right-handed guys in the course. xD

Also playing guitar in the school band, I initially grabbed the instrument in a way that felt comfortable for me and was considered right-handed. Teachers and fellow pupils were astonished every time.

The only thing besides writing I can only do left-handed is using scissors. I can't use right-handed scissors, ffs the paper will only bent between the blades. Other righties meanhwhile kept using my lefty-scissors and had no problem what so ever. Anyone else know this?



I'm gonna admit, I just came for the gifs.