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I think I might be left handed



I knew I was right handed first time I.............never mind :blush:


I have coined the term "Semi-ambidextrous" to describe myself because while I consider myself lefty, the reality is there are certain things I can only do well with one hand or the other, where most people would use the same dominant hand.

I write (with cursive handwriting that is admittedly beautiful with an eloquent style, heh) and eat with my left hand but can only throw and catch with my right hand (little league baseball was.....interesting) and also bat right handed, but then fight southpaw. Another little thing I found common with left-handed gamers is that we tend to play 'inverted" on the right-stick for aiming (pulling the stick down tilts the camera/gun up, and vice versa.)

The ONLY thing I am fully comfortable with doing ambidextrously is shooting, but I think that was due to the motivation to train myself past my limitations.


A lot of things didn't fall naturally to any particular hand when I was a kid, and for instance I used my first computer mouse left handed just fine at the time. But most tasks eventually drifted towards the right by habit or instruction.

Now at 40+ I'm right handed for anything requiring minute precision or the best combination of strength and precision. But I'm glad to have a left good enough for just about anything. Hoping to live a long life, a lot can happen to a main hand.



To get good at doing things with your left hand if you've never used it for things before, brush your teeth with it.

It's a regular thing you do that requires some level of control and precision but not a whole lot, so it's a good way to start training your left hand to be controlled independently for other tasks.


I already do that.


It'd be pretty neato if you turned out to be a lefty, we need for the upcoming revolution against the righties. No longer shall we suffer at our own hand whilst gripping scissors. No longer shall we stand for white erase boards that erase as we write. Rise my brethren, we shall overcome!

Like some others here I do certain with one hand and certain things with the other. Writing - left, mouse - right, throwing - right, shooting - both, eating - switches every couple of years. Really interesting though that you're going to try switching, real curious to see how that goes.


Not a new term actually. Plenty of people fall in that chatagory. Myself included.

  • Don't have a strong dominance of one hand or the other. When taking the left/right dominant tests I'll use whichever hand/foot is closer to target.
  • Some tasks have fallen completely into one hand... writing left handed, throwing right hand, teeth brushing left, etc
  • Other tasks are both hands equally, eating, typing, hammering, screwing, wrenching, etc.
  • Shoot more accurately right handed even though it feels funny for some reason.


Im right handed, and i can literally do nothing well with my left hand.

Writing is horrible.

Tighting screws is horrible.

Typing with my left hand tho is great. As most of the keys i use fall under the domain of my left hand.


I'm left handed and the result is that I'm a fucking mutt of hand usage. I write left handed, use a computer, scissors, shoot a gun or bow and arrow, play guitar, etc. all right handed because that's just how shit is made. I've never seen a left handed chainsaw, but they did used to make left handed circular saws...


Not too bad considering ZERO practice using right hand.


I was left handed but my grandma didn't like it and so kept having me eat with my right hand and so on and it made me who I am now. Maybe if I stayed a lefty my life would have been better. LOL!


It gets worse than that. Both my wife and my mother are right handed and my father and me are left handed. SOOOO we sit down to eat a steak dinner. My father and I hold the fork in the left hand and cut the meat with the knife in the right hand and put the the meat into our gaw with the fork still in the left hand. Seems pretty efficient right? My mother and wife (different people) actually switch hands after cutting and then eating to stay with their right. Watch in a restaurant sometime, it can be rather amusing if you know what to look for...


Instructions unclear, got toothbrush stuck in dick.


Try a bigger toothbrush.


If you can find one bigger than this, I will.


Is this a tooth brush?


Na thats a toilet brush.


lol. She said toilet :stuck_out_tongue:


I suggest you turn this into a poll. Something tells me there may be a higher percentage of lefties on this forum compared to the general population...


Lol, I'm left handed as well, I've never noticed this with right handed people. Maybe I just wasn't paying attention.

I eat with fork and spoon in the left hand, shoot guns and hold the bow with my right, use mouse with right hand, play guitar standard, which is why I absolutely suck with a pick but advanced with fretwork pretty fast... don't play anymore, though :(. I also kick a football with my left leg, but shoot basketball with right hand, lol. Also, my handwriting is disgusting most of the time.

Right hand and leg are noticeably stronger, and my right eye is dominant for some reason.