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I think I might be left handed



I never really tried such things, but I flipped my viewmodel in TF2 today as soon as I found the option and I can hit things. I do the same in CS because of the whole dominant eye thing. But this is making me think I'm not just ambidextrous. Let me follow the train of thought here.

In college, my art teacher explained about the 2 sides of our brain and how our right side is wired to our left hand and how its the more complex and creative side. So for the rest of the year, because it was more comfortable for me, I drew left handed for the rest of the year. Also, throughout that year, I tried writing with my left hand. I have shit penmanship with my right hand and now I think I will try with my left... As well, my tablet skills with my right hand are garbage, starting with digital art recently, and here I am thinking huh.... Maybe I should just flip and see what happens.

So I will.


Silly you. This is Trump's America now. You're not allowed to be left-handed.

Not trying to be political. Just a joke. When my Dad was in his 20s he learned he was ambidextrous, and he now writes, signs, and works equally well with both hands. This seems totally feasible to me. Give it a go and see how it works out! This could be super interesting.


Interesting. My left hand is basically only good for holding down shift, typing vaguely on its half of the keyboard and holding my face up when I'm bored.

Use your left hand as much as possible because I sure as hell can't.


I´m left handed aswell, allthough i control the mouse with right.


I write right handed, play games right handed, and throw right handed

I eat left handed, can use a mouse left handed, use markers on a dry erase board left handed

I have no idea why.


I think I know why ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Left hand or Right hand pick the hand best for the job or the one that works the best for the job.
Me Right eye dominate
Left had writing
Sport all right handed golf,baseball, hockey (Pistol shooting I am ambi hand and eye just from lots of practice switching eyes and hands)
When I first was in school I would spell upside down and backwards with great penmanship, can still do it today, but if I really get into spelling that way it takes a bit to go back to a normal spelling
This also helps for reading upside down.
Practice is the key to all of this, you want to use your left then just keep using it till you get what you want from it.
There is a book about how the brain is elastic, I forget the name. In the book they talk about people who have strokes and how if the left side is affected they bind the right arm to the body and force the person to use the left hand till the brain remaps the left arm usage, It takes time to get as much back as you can, but it will never be 100%
A person with out a stroke should get a lot better then someone with a stroke.


This is basically me. I'd be SOL if I lost my right hand.




I was born left handed. I went to a Christian school who did not believe in being left-handed, so I was taught to write with my right hand.

All that resulted is I have terrible hand writing no matter which hand I use.


I'm kinda pissed at myself now because if I am left handed I failed a lot of writing classes for naught.


I dont know if im really right handed or if it was the private catholic grade school but my handwriting is awful with both hands as well.


I'm right handed, but I play hockey with a left handed stick. My handwriting is bad no matter which hand I use. Downsides to using a computer for everything since grade 9 I suppose.


Lefty reporting in! Mouse with the right. Which means I can mouse and write at the same time. One of the few prizes I get - the rest of the world is backwards. I've had to autodidact my way through most hands-on activities: ties, shoes, manual processes. People tend to get frustrated and give up on my non-conformity. Self-reliance and patience are good things.


This is really interesting. You're probably discovering right now to be ambidextrous.
I'm left-handed so I discovered that I'm kinda ambidextrous (right eye dominant, right leg dominant, I can write cursive mirrored with my right hand without too much issues and training) because this world of right handed people is cruel for lefty (especially scissors for me when I was a kid).
My suggestion is to avoid being ambidextrous all the time and as much as you can because, sometimes, stop using the dominant side can mess up a bit the way your brain works. That's why lefty forced to ue the right hand migh have issues when growing up beyond the penmanship.
Have a good time with your experiments!


Same I used to be totally ambidextrous until first grade and teachers made my use my right hand for some reason.


Shit, I guess I'm getting deported.


Y'know, I always hear the handwriting thing, but from my experiences in high school, most people my age that I've seen in the US have have pretty disappointing handwriting, regardless of their dominant hand. My teachers basically hammered it into my head in primary school to the point where we weren't allowed, absolutely NOT ALLOWED to use ballpoint pens. Fountain pens or handwriting pens. Should really be mandatory everywhere tbh. but it isn't, because everyone grows up as a keyboard warrior these days.