I think i messed up -.-

hello everyone. just starting my first pc build and i think i made a mistake. when installing the MOBO and positioning it against the back plate i ended up removing the bendy metal tabs that were in my way. only later realising that they were indeed a ground. a single big tab remains. so how bad did i mess up and is there any way to save my build?!?!?! thx for your time and advice.

the tab that remains definitely makes a solid connection to the motherboard. this should be enough to ground safely yeah?

Ground? Are you talking about stand off screws?

Post pics or i will

not the stand off screws. the back plate on the rear of the case. ill post pics


Well, A motherboard grounds through the stand offs so... unless you somehow screwed those up, you wont have a problem.. Just make sure you don't have your stand offs in random locations to avoid shorts.

Edit: Also the ATX connection on the board has a ground as well...

I think he means the tabs on the back of the I/O plate.

Well that's not important at all.

OP you're fine.

yes thats what i mean ;)

I honestly have no idea what those tabs do, I was tempted to remove them but left them in anyways.

it should in theory ground through the stand-offs, they don't always work as they should. you can touch a computer case in such a way that you become the ground. i've had a motherboard fry by shocking me through the power button on a tempest 410 case with a military class motherboard.  i personally would like to find a better way to ground computers/cases.

your build is goint to be fine... 
how do you think people run their test platforms on an open space with no io sheild. Those metal tabs merely serve as a space so that its easier to install your mobo... even though they're friggin annoying and hurt like hell when you cut your fingers 

You fancy people with your back-plates. I am using a motherboard from a prebuild machine in my new case for the time being. It has no back-plate. :D