I think I finally have my pc build completed

Hey, so after a few weeks of getting a gaming build together...I think I have it finalized.


I know there is no ram, but that is because I am going to use the ram from my current build.


The case I have picked is the Carbide Series® SPEC-02 as I have heard good things about the case and it goes with my whole black/red theme.

Let me know what you think about my build...any improvements that can be made? I had a budget of £1000, so if you think there is anything I could do better, bear in mind I have a £1000 limit



I've got the same CPU and mobo so I can vouch for those parts. I've only had the board a week mind. Be careful when updating the drivers for that mobo though as I heard some of the online updates can brick the board. I just installed the drivers off of the disc and have had no troubles. I've read that those EVGA PSU's can be pretty loud. I have a corsair RM650 Gold which I am very happy with, although it costs around £20 more.

BTW you should perhaps tell us what RAM you have as that CPU requires a RAM voltage of 1.5.

Most 1.65v ram should work just fine as well; even though Intel recommends 1.5v or something.

Be sure you balance each +12v rail on that power supply, as it has 4 somewhat weak +12v rails.